Principal Consultant: Dr. Warren Stutzman

- Founded the Virginia Tech Antenna Group:

- Performed and directed over $25 M sponsored research over 40 years in:


Wireless systems

Earth-space propagation

- Coauthor of three editions of the book:

Antenna Theory and Design:

- Author of the book Polarization In Electromagnetic Systems:

- Inventor: 8 antenna patents on antennas

- Consultant to over 30 companies


- Consulting to industry on

Antenna design: Arrays, Small antennas, WiFi/handset antennas, reflectors, and more

RF, electromagnetics, and propagation for wireless systems

Earth-space propagation

- Expert witnessing on patent suits and intellectual proproperty

- Other services

Assistance in proposal preparation

Business plan and research program preparation

- Short course delivery at your facility

"Antennas for Wireless" Custom In-House Short Courses:

Half-day and longer courses on antennas for wireless and other antena topics


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The stub loaded helix antenna used for WiFi access points.